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Basketball Dribble

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Richmond's Premiere 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament



DATE: July 24TH

TIME: Group 1 - 3:00 pm 

          Group 2 - 4:00 pm

          Single Game Elimination Round - 5:00 pm


12 Teams Only (4 players per team)
Team Fee $200
After July 15th $300

Single Player $75

Signup  Deadline July 17

Youth Basketball Game

The Game

3 players per team +1 sub

Half court

12 min game or first to 11

12 second shot clock

No break after scoring

Fast-paced and fun

Register Now

Team Registration 

I/we assume all responsibility for injuries to persons or damages to property, and agree to release Richmond Elite Academy and Richmond Elite harmless for any and all claims, of whatsoever nature, that may arise while in the facility. 

I/Team Captain signify each person has read, understands and agrees to abide by the 3on3 rules of play and the following waiver of liability. There are risks connected with my participation in this tournament and its related activities. I release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Richmond Elite, event Sponsors, event charities and their workers, employees and directors, from all action, suits and demands whatsoever in law or in equity from demand, losses or damages on account of injury including death caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the release or otherwise.

*Further, I hereby grant full permission for event organizers to record any or all of my participation in this event for photos, motion pictures, TV, radio, recordings, videotapes, and other media known or unknown, and to use them, no matter by whom taken, in any manner for publicity, promotions, advertising, trade, or commercial purposes, without any reimbursement of any kind due to me, or the need to pay me any fee.

*I agree to submit to the rulings of the referees and event officials in case of any dispute. Attendees agree to carry insurance and/or cover the expenses related to personal injury or property damage.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

3on3 Bracket.png
 Ben Wallace Gym_tickets are $7 online and.jpg
Before the game

1. Each team must register at least three players on its roster on or before the date of the tournament. The fourth player is optional. Five players are not allowed. No additions, deletions and/or changes may be made after games have started. 

2. Each team is guaranteed at least 3 games. 

3. No refunds will be given for any reason after the entry deadline. 

4. Player substitutions after initial registration and up to the start of the event must be for the same group and accompanied by the registration form with proper signatures. 

5. Players may appear on only 1 team roster. 

6. The format of the tournament will include 3 pools of 4 teams. Each team will play each other once in their pool which will total 2-3 games of pool play.

 7. The tournament director reserves the right to change the format based on external events (i.e., inclement weather). 

8. Physically or verbally threatening or abusing a referee is cause for immediate disqualification. 

9. Arguing with referee' calls may result in a technical foul awarding the opposing team one free throw and possession. 

10. Players and/or teams may be removed from the game at the discretion of the referee for abusive behavior, flagrant fouls or rough play. Unruly fans may also be removed from the area. 

11. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by players during the game. 

Tournament rules

During the game

12. Player substitutions will be permitted on any dead ball situations, but the 12 minute clock continues to run. 

13. During substitutions and time-outs, the 12 minute clock will continue to run but play will be momentarily stopped. 

14. One time-out is allowed and limited to 30 seconds. Due to a continuous 12 minute clock, no team in the lead can call a time-out with less than 2 minutes to play. 

15. Teams must be at their court on time. A three-minute forfeit time will be strictly enforced. 

16. Both teams will warm up at the same time prior to start of the game. 

17. Each team must start and finish the game with at least two players. 

18. A coin flip at the start of the game will determine first possession. Second team or bottom team listed gets to call the coin flip for 1st possession.

19. All games are played to 11 points/baskets (win by 1) or 12 minutes (running clock), 

Whichever comes first. Team ahead after 12 minutes wins. 3 pointers count as 2 and everything else inside counts as 1. 

20. The tournament director reserves the right to change the 11 point limit and/or time limit due to external events. 

21. If the game is tied after the 12 minutes have elapsed, then a sudden death free throw playoff will determine the winner with 3 players from each team shooting one free throw each. If still tied, the referee may, at their discretion, move the line backward until a winning team is determined. 

22. The 3-point line/(Top of the free throw circle when no 3 point line present) represents the "take back" line. 

23. After a made basket or a dead ball situation, the ball must be checked by a defensive player to an offensive player where the offensive player has both feet behind the take-back line or the referee can check the ball in play. The offensive player must pass the ball into play. The defensive player guarding the person checking in the ball must be inside the take-back line. 

24. On any change of possession, the offense must bring the ball past the 3 point line before a shot can be attempted. Both feet must be completely behind the line. If a team forgets to take it back and makes a basket, the basket will not count, and the opposing 

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